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GAC Motor @GACMotor
2020-09-25 12:15:21

#MyFavoriteGACMOTOR Event Officially Begins! Come and watch the video displaying all GAC MOTOR models and tell us which one would you pick? How to participate (choose one below): 1. In the comment section, tell us which #GACMOTOR model you would like to purchase and the reason for it. 2. Share this video publicly to your personal homepage; please remember to @GAC MOTOR and tag #MyFavoriteGACMOTOR. To increase your chance of winning, please share photos you have taken with GAC MOTOR's car in the comment section! The event ends on October 21st! At the end of the event, three lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive an AirPods pro, car audio, or a car vacuum cleaner. Depending on the actual situation, GAC MOTOR may replace prizes with items of similar value. *To the extent permitted by law, the right to interpret this event belongs to GAC MOTOR. *Participants must have the sole ownership of the videos, photos, and content they post; and give usage permission for GAC MOTOR advertising and promotion. GAC MOTOR is not responsible for any copyright issues that may arise from submitted content.


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GAC Motor @GACMotor
2020-09-24 14:00:03

#GS5’s luxurious seats make this car a perfect choice for you to alleviate the burden on your back during a long drive. Learn more at


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GAC Motor @GACMotor
2020-09-23 14:00:05

Do you know which alternative fuel vehicle this is? Hint:Try to find the answer in the picture! Learn more at


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