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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-07-04 06:24:00

#CultureandHeritage What comes to your mind when mentioning dough? Doughnuts? Pizza? Or Dumpling? I bet dough sculpture would be the last one that pops into your head. The dough sculpture created by the traditional Taizhou artists is so lifelike and exquisite that it invariably leaves an indelible impression on people.


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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-07-03 06:23:00

#JiangsuImpression In June, when the mating calls start to echo in Yancheng, the stags will fight for the role of deer king. This year, you can watch the fierce competition in the spectacular Yellow Sea wetlands via live stream. Come to see the majestic look of the new-born deer king!


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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-07-02 06:11:00

#JiangsuCuisine Never mind the harsh humidity and the relentless sunshine in summer. Who has time to worry about that in Suzhou, a city that is inextricably entwined with the most delicate cuisines, where you are involuntarily tempted by the adorable sugar painting, the mouthwatering Shengjian, the ambrosial plum blossom cake and so on. Are you ready for an incredible cuisine tour?


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