OneSight Marketing Cloud

OneSight Marketing Cloud is an automated marketing cloud platform that is data-driven and promoted growth. It provides global enterprises and marketers with social marketing, content marketing, data management marketing and accurate marketing to meet the diverse needs of different types of users. Though Big Data, Cloud Computing AI and more high-technologies to combine the multi-country, multi-language, multi-channel social media with data management. Transfer fans to potential customers, transfer “likes” to “deal”.

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Marketing Cloud

1-Stop Brand Social Media Analytics Platform

  • ·Massive Data Analytics
  • ·Content Inspiration Square
  • ·Sentiments Analysis
  • ·Competitor Data Monitor
  • ·Real-Time Data Report
  • ·Public Sentiment Monitor
  • ·Operation Level Rating
  • ·Social Top 100 List
AI-Powered diagnosis, Save time for your business
  • Massive database backup
  • Clear data radar mapping
  • Rational KPI formulation
Customized dashboard, accurate data for your social media management
  • Monitor competitors closely
  • Daily key data metrics monitoring
  • Highly-Customized template
Make accurate decisions with analytical data
  • Multi-platform integration
  • Extensive operation target coverage
  • Easy-to-use interface
Find more high interactions posts with Inspiration
  • Cover 18 Industries
  • Various sorting methods
  • Add posts to your library
All-Platform brand top list for your insights
  • Reasonable cycle
  • Cover Industry leader
  • 3 reasonable data cycles
More Social Media Analytics Tools improve your social media performance
  • Batch add pages
  • Comments sentiments analysis
  • Excel, PDF and more customized report

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the base of OneSight Marketing Cloud. Users have to add Brands or Pages to “Data Analytics”, after success users will be able to view the data from database. Once brands were added to your account successfully, you will get a daily updated data service so that keep track of the global happening.


Content Inspiration is a window for users to learn about global social media. All the posts displayed in the Content Inspiration are from the original public data of social media. Users can view posts by various sequence at the same time you can favorite any posts to library.

Social Top

Social Top List is aimed to describe the Industry states for users. All brands and pages will sorted by “OS Rating”, which will be evaluated from the various data such as number of fans, growth of fans and interactions. Come on, is there something you familiar? Nothing to worry, click “Nominate”!



OneSight be awarded
——2018 Creative Product at Suqin Awards

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