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Daniel Wu 吴 彦 祖 @thatdanielwu
2020-10-17 15:56:48

The first movie I was in, Bishonen, was directed by maverick director Yonfan. 23 years later he is premiering his first feature length animation. No 7 Cherry lane is an homage to old Hong Kong. If you are in Hong Kong check it out Oct 25 and 26! #no7cherrylane #hongkongcinema


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Daniel Wu 吴 彦 祖 @thatdanielwu
2020-10-14 20:48:20

This past weekend’s @valtautoclub car show we had an opportunity to go up in the USS Hornet aircraft carrier. Inside they had a very cool display about the 442 regiment that fought in WW2. The 442 were Japanese American soldiers who fought for the US even though their family members were in internment camps because the US government thought these second generation Americans might be traitors. Most US history classes never talk about the 442. Glad that they have been recognized here.


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Daniel Wu 吴 彦 祖 @thatdanielwu
2020-10-13 20:01:16

When our community is afraid to go out because they are afraid of being attacked, this is a problem. The general public needs to be more aware of what is happening. Stop AAPI Hate has recorded over 2700 cases since the beginning of Covid. Noting that less than half get reported. What I am seeing is two things going on. Ones that are true xenophobic hate crimes happening towards Asians while the other is Asians (mainly women and elderly) being targeted for robberies because they are seen as easy targets. Both are terrible and both need more attention as this has become a serious problem in the Asian American community. If you or anyone you know has been attacked in anyway verbally or physically please make sure you report these to the authorities as well as www.stopaapihate.org so that we can be accounted for. #standup #theycantburnusall #stopthehate


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