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Tsinghua University @tsinghua_uni
2020-09-22 13:01:25

“Tsinghua is like a paradise in the middle of Beijing. The students here are very positive and energetic. It provides a good environment for me to continue my studies,” said Thomas Nicholls (UK), an incoming graduate student from the School of Public Policy and Management. ⁣  ⁣ During his undergraduate studies at Oxford University, Thomas met a lot of Chinese students which started his interest in China and Chinese culture. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he decided to come to China and has chosen Tsinghua for further studies. He fell in love with the food in China: “The lamb in Inner Mongolia is my favourite.”⁣  ⁣ Thomas is looking forward to integrating with the local teachers and students here. “I also hope to use what I will learn at Tsinghua to improve the relationship between China and the UK, bringing the two countries closer together for a better future.”⁣ ⁣ #Tsinghua #TsinghuaRen


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Tsinghua University @tsinghua_uni
2020-09-21 13:01:18

“For the future, I want to explore new possibilities at Tsinghua University and find my favourite path in life,” said Fei Nan (China), a freshman from the School of Social Sciences. ⁣  ⁣ 12 years ago when she was a child, Fei Nan passed by a music store and was deeply attracted by the unique and classical appearance of the Erhu fiddle. This marked her start in learning the Chinese stringed instrument. ⁣  ⁣ Starting her new #TsinghuaLife, she decided to attend the Tsinghua high-level art group. As a devoted fan of Erhu, she wants to learn more playing skills together with like-minded friends. At the same time, she wants to take professional courses, balancing her artistic training and academic education.⁣  ⁣ In the coming Tsinghua journey, Fei Nan hopes to connect with more friends and learn their good aspects. “My future classmates will be from all over the world. I want to learn different living habits and regional cultures from them.”⁣  ⁣ #Tsinghua #TsinghuaRen


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Tsinghua University @tsinghua_uni
2020-09-20 13:01:02

“At a very important point of myself, I have decided to go back to the Chinese side of myself and experience Chinese society and Chinese education. Tsinghua gave me the perfect opportunity to reconnect both of my sides,” said Katherin Thouvenin (France), a new graduate student of Tsinghua’s School of Journalism and Communication, who comes from a French and Chinese mixed culture family.⁣ ⁣ Katherin and her family often changed countries when she was in primary school due to her father’s job at the United Nations. Experiencing different kinds of culture since her childhood, she adapts quickly to the local environment, but she always remembered her roots in China. After pursuing her dual degree in France and South Korea, she has decided to study in China and the Global Business Journalism Program at Tsinghua became her first option. “This is the place where I really wanted to go: I feel that I belong here.”⁣ ⁣ During the summer school, Katherin attended a lecture by Prof. Li Daokui, a Tsinghua Professor, and was amazed by his professionalism. “You can really see that people at Tsinghua focus on how to create a better future for the new generation. You can see their passion for the subjects they are studying and teaching.”⁣ ⁣ Starting her new #TsinghuaLife, Katherin has a bucket list of what she wishes to accomplish. She hopes to enhance her communication knowledge and share stories with the public. “Perhaps I could be the MC of Tsinghua's International Student Gala Night. This would be a very big dream for me.”⁣ ⁣ #Tsinghua #TsinghuaRen


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