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  • ·Massive Data Analytics
  • ·Content Inspiration Square
  • ·Sentiments Analysis
  • ·Competitor Data Monitor
  • ·Real-Time Data Report
  • ·Public Sentiment Monitor
  • ·Operation Level Rating
  • ·Social Top 100 List



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Brand Solution

A global home appliances brand

Manage 3 Facebook Pages, 1 Twitter Page and a building Instagram Page on OneSight.

Through monitoring the different competitor, establish their own operation team, in the overseas global social media platform to quickly establish praises and users.

Key Functions

• Data Analytics

• Inspiration

• Industry Competitor Report

A global consumer electronics brand

Manage 23 unique Facebook Pages on OneSight.

Through OneSight to monitor different market to establish the reliable content operation mode. Ensure delivery the income from the global social media platform.

Key Functions

• Data Analytics

• Customized Data Report

E-commerce Industry Solution

An global E-commerce brand

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Page on OneSight. Through OneSight Semantic Analysis, the explode topics on social media are discovered and tracked.

What’s more thorough Sentiments Analysis to manage the positive or negative comments. So, the efficiency of the management of e-commerce “explosion” has been greatly improved.

Key Functions

• CommentSenti products

• Inspiration

Game Industry Solution

A global game brand

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Page on OneSight.

OneSight Semantic Analysis to analyze the comments of fans. Based on these, intergrate into product uqdates and Customer service needs. Finally formed community interaction with fans.

Key Functions

• Tagstorm products

• Inspiration

Customer Comments

  • For our operation, the most attractive is a tool can grow fans effectively. Based on fans foundation, operation can bring more fans, attract more actual users.

    “Top Eleven”海外运营
  • Our operation team from Weibo to Facebook, OneSight provide professional Intelligent diagnosis and platform regulation, avoid the possibly mistakes of brand growth.

  • Facebook is the best platform for social media promotion. But the platform emphasizes privacy, it caused we hard to get the competitors’ information. Through OneSight, we effectively improve our ability to track competitors, provide us content strategy. A senior operator can do more with less.

  • Facebook is a platform that emphasizes data. So it’s so hard for a liberal art operator to understand. But thorough OneSight to analyze data, can help our operation team to get more information from Facebook, so it’s g g